About Rhonda Porter

Rhonda Porter lives in West Seattle with her husband, their cat Rocko and flat-coated retriever, Hitch.

Rhonda comes from an artistic family and was influenced watching her mother create beautiful artwork. She was honored with the Allied Arts Award out of her class at Hazen High School. After high school, she took a break from creating art and focused on her new career and family.

One day her husband started musing over the old black velvet paintings his older brothers used to have and how great they would look in his potential “man room” (now the kids are gone)… that’s when she decided to start painting again and to try her hand at painting on velvet. Her first black velvet painting is of her childhood hero and Seattle treasure, J.P. Patches. Her black velvet painting of Elvis Presley was in the Elvistravaganza! exhibit at the 2012 Bumbershoot Festival.

Rhonda attended Gage Academy of Art in Seattle focusing on painting with acrylics. In addition to her black velvet, acrylic paintings and drawings, she’s enjoyed painting murals and has dabbled in mosaics. 

P.S. If you’re looking for Rhonda Porter, the mortgage originator and not the painter – you’ve found the right Rhonda… just not the right blog.


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  1. Rhonda, I wish I’d known about your site earlier – what a joyous use of color! The roosters especially completely beguiled me. I’m bookmarking your gallery!

    April 27, 2023 at 10:19 am

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