Santa… was my Dad!


Yep… I based my black velvet painting of Santa on a photo of my Dad which was taken at my wedding dinner reception.  “Based” is probably the key word… but it was really nice to have Dad literally hanging around at Christmas this year since he left us (RIP) two years ago in December.  Dad loved Christmas and enjoyed “playing” Santa when he could.

Just for fun, I submitted this painting to Daniel Smith’s 11th Annual Art Contest and it actually made it through the weekly entries… now it’s in the monthly competition for January.  I’m hoping folks are so tired of Christmas that they over-look this painting and consider voting for it. 🙂

If YOU would like to vote for this painting during the January competition (no pressure!) you can do so by clicking here and search “rhonda” – my painting should come up!

UPDATE: This painting was one of the winners in the January competition and has moved to the annual competition. Once voting starts, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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