Art in Process

Unfinished Mural

We owned a vacation rental home in Seattle for a few years. During that time, I started working on creating a seascape from mosaics. Unfortunately, we had to sell the home when the Seattle City Council changed guidelines for short term rentals and I was not able to finish this work. You can get an idea of the waterline where the seals head pokes out and the seagull floats. I still have a jellyfish that we were going to install next followed by a lot of blue waves. The kiddos who stayed at the vacation home really enjoyed the colorful scene of the local sea-life.

I really enjoyed dabbling in mosaics although cutting all those tiles can be tough on hands! I look forward to trying this again hopefully sometime soon!

Bathroom Mural

I’m not sure if I’m done with this yet or not…

UPDATE: It’s not done… I’ll have a new photo posted soon!

My first official attempt with oil painting (in process)

I’m learning that I prefer acrylic over oil painting. Oils take too long to dry! This has become a “back burner” painting… I’ll keep you posted!

Painting my Black Velvet Lady

I began by starting on a much smaller black canvas so I could see what it’s like to paint on black.  It’s a lot like doing watercolors except instead of planning your whites, you’re planning your blacks.

You can also see in the photos below how my husband created my black velvet canvas for the wine lady who is the size of a door.

The Wine Lady (I’m not sure what to call her) is a recreation of a Cognac painting by Mucha. I’ve done my only little twists, including painting her on black velvet, as this painting is for our home.

Enjoy!  PS: I don’t know why some of the photos are sideways… sorry about that!